El Camino Real bells - Mission Bell markers

Size Comparison
San Juan De Lorena 1762,  El Camino Real 1906, and Jesus Maria 1690 Bells
(left to right)

These are beautiful bells that Add Audio to Your Adobe! 
They are loud and carry a long resonance and WONDERFUL tone!
The traditional cast iron bells will wake up the neighbors but the brass bells call the Mission to mass!
Available unpainted cast iron and all weather brass patina!

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"San Juan De Lorena 1762" 
Mission Bell

"Verde Green Patina Brass shown"
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This incredible bell will be a beautiful addition to your mission style home. The bell is 21" tall and 20" in diameter. 
It is  be available in patina brass, cast iron, and aluminum. 
Clapper is included. (the wheels are not included)


"Fresh Cast Iron shown"

Our "San Juan de Lorena" bell is patterned after an early Spanish mission bell we discovered while visiting Father Serra's early  missions in Mexico.

The inscription "S.Fran D Asis" and "Tilaco A 1762" refer to the Mission San Francisco De Asis located in the tiny town of Tilaco, Mexico. This mission was one the the first  missions built by Father Serra in the year 1762, 7 years prior to his arrival in California.

The Classic Original
1906 El Camino Real Guidepost Mission Bell

"Verde Green Patina Brass shown"
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Includes bell, pipes, all mounting hardware, bolts, clapper and paint. 
Cast iron bells are available in two color schemes:
 Traditional verde green or the Caltrans Dark Green color schemes.

Don't need all the pipes?
Tradional Cast Iron  with clapper alone for $2,195.
Brass Bell and clapper alone available for $2,895.

Overall  height is 13 1/2'  allowing for a 
pleasing backyard and public display appearance.
Height can be adjusted. 12 1/2' suggest for smaller areas.
Engineered foundation plans supplied upon request.
Scroll down this page to see photos of the parts.

Bells and pipes are shipped unpainted.

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1963 Kramer Style Bell
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"Caltrans  cast iron and dark green"
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In 2004 Caltrans installed 557 of our Mission Bell Markers  from South San Francisco to Los Angeles along the El Camino Real and Highway 101

Since 1906 the bells have been made of cast iron.  They have never been made of brass or aluminum until 2007.  Most of the older bells have been lost to road widening or theft.  A few cement bells were made in the 1960's.  Bells that you see on the road that are verde green have been painted.

The El Camino Real Bell weighs 85 pounds
and is 18" by 18" in size. This sounds small but it not!

The ECR Mission Bell Marker is 13 1/2' tall.
Caltrans used a freeway height of 15' 6" tall.

The above bell is made of cast iron and are a bright silver color when new. 
After the first rain they turn to a California Gold color 
then eventually turn dark brown.

"Traditional Verde Green Paint"

Lisa with a 1906 El Camino Real Bell in her back yard,
 painted in traditional verde green.
13 1/2' overall height or less  is suggested for backyard installations.

" Dark Green and Rust, August 15, 1906" (left)
 "The 1906-2006 Centennial Bell just out of the foundry" (right)

On August 15, 1906 the first El Camino Real Bell 
was installed at the Pueblo De Los Angeles Mission Church 
at Olvera Street in Los Angeles. It still stands today!

On August 15, 2006 we dedicated the "Centennial Bell"
in honor of the 100 Year Anniversary of the 
El Camino Real Bell also at Olvera Street.

See Other Early Photos, Click Here


"Painted Cast Iron shown"
The El Camino Real Bell consists of a cast iron bell, 
clevis, staff, bell reducer,  and a
3" diameter iron pipe 10 1/2 feet long
which is cemented into the ground.
A typical installation uses a 30" deep hole, dug 12" in diameter with a shovel.  Engineered foundation plans supplied.
Easy installation! Your gardener can install it it about 2 hours.

There have been three different staff designs during the past 100 years.  The "paper clip" was used from 1906 to 1909, The "curved" (shown here) was used from 1909 to the early 1940's.  The "Caltrans" staff was used from 1963 to 2005.  The "curved staff has the most pleasing appearance and is included with all bell and piping orders.

The threaded clevis screws to the staff which then 
bolts to the bell.  The bell is then hoisted 
and secured using two 1/2"  bolts with nuts.
It takes two people to hoist a bell. 
In the old days it only took one!
 (see old photos)

The base pole and staff screw together using a supplied
3" by 1 1/2" cast iron bell reducer connector.

Paint is supplied with your purchase. 
The paint code is Dunne Edwards DE-3142.
In fact everything is supplied except for the hole and the cement. 
High strength post hole cement 
can be used and is available at most hardware stores.
Usually 4 bags is enough.