1963 Kramer Style El Camino Real Bells - Mission Bell Markers

In 1963 Justin Kramer designed this replacement El Camino Real Bell 
as California Bell Company was dorment from 1960 to 2000
and our original 1906 bells were not available.
Justin made two of these patterns (molds).
California Bell still has one and made some of the 
Kramer bell castings from around 2005 to 2010.

Some of the originall Kramer bells still appear in some areas of
Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties. Some were installed 
by the California Federation of Women's Clubs. 
The starting date is unknown, but we are guessing maybe 1990.
The CFWC stopped installing them around 2004.

We no longer produce the Kramer bell, but we still have the mold.
We are thinking of using our Kramer Bell mold to 
produce bells for individual wineries in Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, 
Los Olivos, and Lompos Wineries, or maybe 
California  AVAs or Trails, with logos, or other custom features..
We were also thinking of marking the El Camino Real 
in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.
Let us know what you think.

Traditional Verde Green paint was used on this cast iron bell

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A 1963 Kramer Style El Camino Real Bell
At The World's First Motel in San Luis Obispo.
(Nothbound Monterey on ramp at Hwy 101)